Intradermal Injection Trainer

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Intradermal Injection Trainer

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This realistic tissue responsive model is designed for training of intradermal injection.
Comparatively large surface of the skinpad offers repeatable practice.
By using different materials for epidermis and dermis layers, the blister appears while injection, so users can judge whether their intradermal injection is correct or not and have more human like tactile experience. Also, with the fixing rings and the hole on the both ends of the skinpad, the trainer can be easily attached to the arms for role playing.

1. Intradermal injection
2. Tissue management
3. Communication skill to patient

1. Realistic blister appearance
2. Different layers : Epidermis and dermis
3. Role playing applicable

Skin Pad x 2ea (220mm*145mm*5mm / 89g )
Fixing Ring x 4ea (55mm*20mm*6mm / 1.2g )